Product features


`On-chip system CoM/SoM, single board and substrate customization services, and open source wireless handheld multimedia application terminals, etc.

`ARM-based architecture

`The latest technology ARM module product line

`Minimal PCB area and high density device package

`High efficiency and extremely low power consumption requirements

`Complete software platform, drivers and operating system

`Can provide efficient OEM customized service according to user needs

With a large number of IoT products, you only need to:

Concentrate on developing your own products – working with HZSSTECH, you don't need to focus on the underlying hardware and software platforms, just focus on developing your own products, reducing risk in product development, streamlining the development process, and reducing manpower and effort. Shorten the product development cycle, so that products can be quickly released to capture the highest point in the market.

Providing the most advanced ARM technology at present - HZSSTECH has strong R&D capability and product development capability in ARM technology, and can develop the latest and most advanced ARM architecture processor system-on-chip in the shortest time. Helps you quickly upgrade your product.

Enjoy continuous technical support – HZSSTECH's customer support is focused on customer technical support, and R&D R&D team engineers will provide online, telephone and even face-to-face technical support and services to solve many of the customer development challenges. problem.

Continuous and stable product cycle – each product of HZSSTECH's product line is guaranteed to be discontinued for at least 5 years. After each product is developed, it will not be delivered to the customer. The loss caused by the suspension of production, so the continued stability of the product and supply is our commitment to the customer's reputation.

Providing complete OEM customization services – HZSSTECH believes that personalized product service is the goal pursued by current and future customers, so IndusTech can customize the customer's products according to the needs of users. Fast and effective customization can make customers' products look different, and gain market favor in the fierce market competition, so that HZSSTECH and customers can achieve the biggest win-win situation.