Vending machines have been used in China for more than a decade, but they have not developed. There are many reasons. Among them, the biggest obstacle is that Chinese consumers have doubts about the reliability and ease of operation of vending machines. In addition, vending machines sell a relatively simple product, the price is generally higher than similar products in supermarkets, convenience stores, machines can only accept coins and small notes, but also affect the choice of consumers.
But with the rapid development of China's Internet, the concept of "new retail" has been proposed. People suddenly realized that vending machines are not one of the "new retail" applications?
Under the current situation, Shuoshu Technology has responded to this trend and developed long-term technology accumulation to develop an unattended convenience store. It adopts a modular design to facilitate transportation and installation, and uses the motion control technology robotic arm to access goods. Insulation design to cope with the temperature difference between the north and the south. This design effectively avoids theft, high operating costs, and difficult operation, and is the most reasonable unmanned convenience store solution on the market. And provide intelligent settlement, intelligent experience, smart inventory, SAAS big data analysis (collection terminal: scan code recognition system, passenger flow statistics system, face recognition system, customer experience system, intelligent shopping guide system, cloud data transmission system, hotspot distribution system, Intelligent intelligent system for intelligent shelf system, intelligent light control system, temperature and humidity transmission system, intelligent POS system, intelligent anti-theft identification system, etc.